Tips to Burglar-Proof Your Home’s Windows

Chances are you think of your home’s security on a regular basis. You have installed a high quality security system, have your lawn well-maintained to prevent hiding places and even have extra secure locks on your doors. However, have you considered the security of your home’s windows? Many homeowners now opt to not have window contacts put on their windows due to the extra cost incurred, but windows are a vulnerable point of entry for your home.

The good news is there are a number of ways you can enhance the security of your windows to better help “burglar-proof,” which are found here.


Install Reinforced Glass
Impact resistant glass is extremely difficult for a would-be-intruder to break. When you install tempered glass it will minimize the ability to be smashed with regular burglar tools. You also have the option of installing Plexiglas that looks just like traditional glass but is actually a thick plastic, which is also very difficult to break.

Install Floodlights
The natural enemy of any burglar is light. This is the biggest risk that they will be seen. This means you should install floodlights over any vulnerable windows around you home. Also consider installing motion-activated bulbs, which will further deter would-be intruders.

Plant Thorny Bushes
You can use nature to your advantage. Plant a thorny bush, such as roses, around your home’s windows. While these look nice and can enhance your home’s curb appeal, they will also help to deter burglars from trying to gain access to your home via the windows. When you implement the tips here, you will find that your home’s security has been further enhanced, which will better protect your home, belongings and family.

Window Contacts
Reconsider installing window contacts for full protection of your windows.